the WILDFIT concept:

WILDFIT® is a health and nutrition program that brings a permanent transition to a natural and intuitive way of eating. In a 90-day program, you train to get over cravings for unhealthy food and to only like foods that give you energy and valuable nutrients.

WILDFIT® combines insights from behavioral psychology, anthropology, and nutritional sciences. WILDFIT® founder Eric Edmeades has spent decades researching what kind of diet keeps us permanently healthy and more than 50,000 participants from 130 countries have already changed their lives with WILDFIT® verändert.

Within 90 days, you will begin to develop a new awareness of food. You learn anew what natural and healthy food is and how to love it – without willpower and calorie counting. Step by step, more healthy foods and nutrients are integrated during the 90 days, while reducing unhealthy foods and toxins. The body learns again to go into fat burning mode and give signals about what kind of food is good for you. You can do the program together with a small group of other participants or in individual coaching.

The WILDFIT® 90 Days Challenge takes place completely online, via training videos and live coaching with me as your coach via Zoom.

After 90 days, you have a new lifestyle that gives you more energy and vitality, better sleep, a strengthened immune system, and a healthy and long life. You have tried many new recipes for simple and healthy dishes, learned simple breathing exercises and have more knowledge about healthy sleep and exercise. The last weeks of the program prepare you to integrate the new knowledge into your everyday life.

Many WILDFIT® participants feel years younger (and look like that!), have more energy at work and for their family, a significant improvement in their health, more mental clarity and keep their ideal weight effortlessly and as a side effect of living healthy.

“With the WILDFIT 90-day program from +vida, I feel like a new person. I feel 20 years younger and have lost two dress sizes.”

Mar M., Mallorca (Participant group April – June 2021)

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